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lundi, juillet 9 2018

Tadao Ando: From Emptiness to Infinity free ebook

Mathias Frick: Tadao Ando: From Emptiness to Infinity

Tadao Ando: From Emptiness to Infinity

Author: Mathias Frick
Number of Pages: none
Published Date: 30 Jun 2014
Publisher: Verlag Der Buchhandlung Walther Konig
Publication Country: Cologne, Germany
Language: English, German, Japanese
ISBN: 9783863355395
Download Link: Click Here

From Emptiness to Infinity pays homage to one of the world's most renowned architects, Japanese minimalist master Tadao Ando (born 1941), offering an exclusive glimpse into his work process. Ando is known for his creative implementation of natural light, his deft interweaving of interior and exterior space and for designing structures that elegantly evoke the contours of the landscape in which they are set. Conceptually and aesthetically, his award-winning exposed concrete designs forge a link between traditional Japanese architecture, Zen and contemporary modernism, while also expressing his fundamental belief that "to change the dwelling is to change the city and to reform society." Directed by Mathias Frick and produced by Susann Schimk and Jorg Trentmann, the film introduces viewers to his world-famous buildings and offers an exclusive look into his work process, as Ando shares his sources of personal inspiration and motivation and looks back over his 40-year career.

jeudi, février 22 2018

Prediction of Interannual Climate Variations free ebook

J. Shukla: Prediction of Interannual Climate Variations

Prediction of Interannual Climate Variations

Author: J. Shukla
Number of Pages: 265 pages
Published Date: 16 Dec 2011
Publisher: Springer-Verlag Berlin and Heidelberg GmbH & Co. KG
Publication Country: Berlin, Germany
Language: English
ISBN: 9783642769627
Download Link: Click Here

lundi, février 19 2018

New Destination Dreaming: Immigration, Race, and Legal Status in the Rural American South download book

Helen B. Marrow: New Destination Dreaming: Immigration, Race, and Legal Status in the Rural American South

New Destination Dreaming: Immigration, Race, and Legal Status in the Rural American South

Author: Helen B. Marrow
Number of Pages: 392 pages
Published Date: 26 Apr 2011
Publisher: Stanford University Press
Publication Country: Palo Alto, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780804773089
Download Link: Click Here

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Teaching and Learning a Second Language: A Guide to Recent Research and Its Applications pdf, epub, mobi

Ernesto Macarao: Teaching and Learning a Second Language: A Guide to Recent Research and Its Applications

Teaching and Learning a Second Language: A Guide to Recent Research and Its Applications

Author: Ernesto Macarao
Number of Pages: 304 pages
Published Date: 30 Jul 2005
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Publication Country: London, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 9780826477378
Download Link: Click Here

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